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Pristine Green
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Seasonal Full Service Lawn Mowing
Pristine Green Outdoor Services
Description of Services Offered
Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control
Season-long ​service includes weekly mowing (less often if dry conditions persist), string trimming around boundaries, trees, and hard surfaces, and clean-up including removal of clippings from hard surfaces.  Season runs roughly May 1 through October 31 each year or as weather and lawn conditions permit. 
The best defense against weeds in your lawn is a thick, healthy stand of turfgrass.  We apply high quality, slow release fertilizers at correct intervals and amounts during the growing season help your lawn achieve this vitality.  If there are weeds present in your lawn, professional grade weed control products are safely applied to eliminate these pests. Single applications or 4 and 5 Step season-long Programs are available and are recommended appropriately after an analysis of your lawn is completed.  
Lawn Core Aeration
Core Aeration is one of the single best cultural practices for your lawn.  Core Aeration (or mechanical removal of 2-3" long soil plugs) serves to decompact the soil and create voids, which allow turfgrass roots grow and thicken as well as allow water and nutrients to flow to the root zone more readily.  An additional benefit of Core Aeration is the removal of thatch buildup above the root zone of your lawn.  The importance of regular Core Aeration is so critical that we integrate it into our 4 and 5 Step Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Programs.
Lawn Overseeding
Fall or Spring overseeding involves the introduction of new, disease resistant turfgrass seed to existing lawns to help thicken and revitalize your lawn from the stresses of a frigid winter and a long, hot, dry summer.  The overseeding process involves several steps to ensure good results.  First your lawn is cut short with clippings bagged. Then the lawn is Core Aerated to open up the soil and pull it to the surface.  Next the lawn is overseeded with a slice seeder to ensure good seed-to-soil contact.  Lastly, an application of starter fertilizer is spread to ensure seedlings get a good start.  Proper watering over a 10-14 day timeframe is the final step toward a great looking, thicker lawn.
Compost top dressing (broadcast application of organic compost on lawns) improves the overall soil structure, stimulates microbial activity, breaks down the lawn’s thatch, and neutralizes the soil’s pH—creating a healthy, sustainable lawn. Top dressing a lawn with compost, which is the best, natural slow-releasing soil amendment, provides turf with everything it needs to thrive.  When combined with Lawn Core Aeration and/or Lawn Overseeding (described below), the results can be even more dramatic.  
Lawn Compost Topdressing
**Also offered: Landscaping (Design/Build), Small Tree & Shrub Trimming, and other outdoor services upon request